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Celebrity WTF'S Volume 276

Celebrity WTF'S Volume 276

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Jennifer Lopez says the secret to her good looks is beauty sleep. She revealed to Top of the Pops magazine: "Sleep is my weapon. I try to get eight hours a night. I think sleep, water and a good cleanser works best." 

I didn't think she slept at all. Who could sleep beside Marc Anthony? I'd be so afraid to roll over and snap his tiny manorexic body like a twig.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are rumoured to be calling their son Sutton Pierce Federline. Britney wants to give the new baby the name so he will have the same initials as his older brother Sean Preston. It is believed Britney wanted to have her Caesarean section on September 14, so that her children would share the same birthday, but husband Kevin insisted she bring it forward. 

Ofcourse he did. He wants to start working on the next kid as soon as possible. His sperm is his meal ticket.

Sharon Osbourne is going to extremes to become a grandmother. She is encouraging her children to have kids out of marriage. Sharon revealed, "I'm dying for grandchildren! I keep saying, Come on, just get pregnant. You don't have to be married first. I'll take the baby off your hands! Aimee and Kelly think I'm sick. I think Jack will have them first, though. He's not even 21 yet and he wants to get married and have children, definitely, so I'll just keep nagging." 

Sharon will be a f&$#*&^ng f%(&$##!! grandmother.

'Harry Potter' creator JK Rowling persuaded security staff at an airport to let her breach baggage restrictions - because she refused to be parted from the manuscript of the final 'Potter' book.
The author was given special treatment on her transatlantic flight - where heightened security measures are still in operation following the recent uncovering of a terrorist plot to blow up planes using explosives carried in hand luggage. 

Hmm, come to think of it everytime one of these books is released a terrorist attack occurs somewhere. J K Rowling could be Osama Bin Laden in disguise except for the fact that Osama would never allow Hermione to have all the intellect in the series. She'd be cast to the dark shadows in a magical burka.

Sean Penn may be issued a ticket by Toronto smoke police after he was pictured lighting up a cigarette at a news conference. "He should be charged," Health Promotion Minister Jim Watson said today at his own news conference to herald the first 100 days of the province's tough new anti-smoking law.

Even without the cigarette Sean would be smoking. But, as a diehard fan....I am biased.

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have further sparked rumours of a romance, after they were both spotted vacationing in Hawaii. The YOU, ME AND DUPREE co-stars have kept their distance since they were linked following the break-up of Hudson's marriage. Both Hudson and Wilson have denied a relationship, but have been spotted dining out with friends in Maui, according to American magazine Star. 

Why do they have to be having an affair just because they were seen in Hawaii? Maybe they just went there to get a lei.

Fegie in an ad for her new cd called THE DUCHESS.


Nick Lachey's girl Vanessa Manillo in MAXIM Magazine. Eat your heart out Jessica Simpson. (NO NOT LITERALLY)

Angelina Jolie with beautiful Shioh Nouvelle.

Braddy and Zahara

Angelina, Zahara and Maddox

Eva Longoria either just recognized a friend or someone stole her wallet. Hard to read.


Jessica Alba pays for a weiner. Get your mind out of the gutter, she's at a hot dog stand.


Avril Lavigne makes clubbing look so complicated.


Adrian Brody has lunch. Thank God, someone in Hollywood actually eats.


Carmen Electra alone. But, not for long.


Christina and hubby Jordan at the LA airport. Is it sunny inside? Why do all the stars always wear huge sunglasses in the airport?


More celebrities with sunglasses at the airport. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora. Possibly with these two the sunglasses are disguises. In case they run into Heather Lockear and she tosses her Versace carry all at their heads.


Heather Graham looks sultry in stripes.


Hilary Swank looking pretty at her perfume launch party.


Jessica Simpson talking to herself and probably answering. Incorrectly.


Kate Bosworth is so damn bony. Now I know why Orlando Bloom broke up with her. He doesn't like ribs.


Relax Charlie Brown it's not the great pumpkin....it's only Kelly Preston.

Leonardi Di Caprio taking out some take out.


Liv Tyler and her hubby. Other wise known as beauty and the beast.


Mena Suvari makes out with her boyfriend at a fashion show. Get a room people!


Lindsay Lohan pretending to be talking to a friend on the phone. Everyone knows she doesn't hav one.


Sarah Michelle Gellar looks like she mistakenly pulled out an old bridesmaid dress from the 80's out of her closet. Yikes


Sharon Stone thinks this guy is hilarious.


Vanessa and Nick out and about. I see Vanessa shares Jessica's passion for men and big, ugly oversized purses.


Victoria Beckham's breasts are so far apart they are in two different zip codes.


Sean Preston turned 1 on September 14th. Happy Birthday kid and congratulations on surviving the year. Hope you got a helmut for your birthday. Stay safe and eat some cake for me.


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