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Celebrity WTF'S Volume 273

Celebrity WTF'S Volume 273

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"Desperate Housewives" star Marcia Cross is expecting her first child with husband Tom Mahoney, according to PEOPLE magazine. The baby is reportedly due in April. Co-star Eva Longoria revealed, "I'm so excited for her. It's so beautiful to see her this happy and so in love." 

Boy that was fast! Marcia's character Bree never would of done this. She would of planned daily activities up until the kid went to college and then she would of conceived it!

Jessica Simpson has been dumped by new boyfriend John Mayer, after just one week. Friends of John's have said he felt the Jessica was using him to get attention. A source close to Mayer told Us Weekly magazine: "The thing between Jessica and John was exagerrated. John thinks it's a desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight." News that Jessica and Mayer were an item broke last week when the couple were both suffering from laryngitis at the same time. 

No wonder he was attracted to her. She couldn't talk when they first met. Explains everything.

Nick Lachey and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo are becoming inseparable. Last week he took her with him on a four-day trip to Stockholm, Sweden. And for the Labor Day weekend, Nick took his lady home to his native Cincinnati, Ohio, to meet his folks. 

His folks must of been thrilled! This time their son's date knew that labor day didn't mean that everyone had to work really, really, hard and/or have a baby.

According to Star Magazine, Britney Spears will have a planned C-section for baby number 2 on Sean Preston's birthday - which is September 14th. In addition Britney plans to name the baby who is rumored to be a girl, Jailynn - after her parents, Jaime and Lynn and her little sister Jaime Lynn. 

I think the name is perfect. Jail - Lynn...you know the kid's headed to the bighouse eventually  considering who her parents are. Poor pathetic child.

David Beckham decided to try out his Spanish with some journalists outside his Real Madrid club's grounds. When he was asked by one reporter if he was going to be a dad for the fourth time, he misunderstood the question and answered "yes". An 'exclusive' story about Victoria's 'pregnancy' promptly went out on Spanish TV. And David had to explain that it was a "mistake" - the story, that is. His spokesman said: "He misunderstood a question in Spanish." 

Maybe David thought they were asking if he wanted to father my child. Yes, that must of been it.

Although they never officially confirmed they were a couple, Locklear and comedian David Spade are reported to have ended their relationship. According to Life & Style Weekly, Locklear has found a new romance with TV Producer Jonathan Prince. A source told the magazine, "They've always been friends, but now it's something more." 

So Heather finally dumped David Spade. A sense of humor in a man is important yes, but, evidently it only gets you so far.

Gwen Stefani is becoming a doll. The singer and fashion designer is launching a line of limited-edition "Love. Angel. Music. Baby" dolls that will be dressed in the styles worn by Stefani and her Harajuku Girl dancers on her most recent tour. "The Harajuku Girls and I wore such wicked costumes we had to share them with the world again," Stefani said in a statement. 

God, these chicks again. I thought Immigration had gotten hold of them. They creep me out.

A preview of Gwen's barbies.

Justin Timberlake in a wet tshirt. The Rolling Stone is a brilliant magazine isn't it?


Christina Aguilera in Britain's GLAMOUR


OK! Magazine announces Britney's baby is a girl. I can't wait to see Kevin 16 years from now trying to fend the trailer park losers off his daughter. Payback is a bitch.


US WEEKLEY last week boasted that Jessica Simpson was in love with John Mayer. This week they announce she has been dumped.


Drew Barrymore is stylish for ELLE.

Who's Suri now? Here's more of the Cruise kiddo.


This kid is adorable. Really.  I almost wanna take back everything I ever said about Tom. I said ALMOST.

Suri better learn to sleep with one eye open with this quack in the house!

I love this picture of Katie and Suri. It's as if Suri is saying, "Goo goo ga ga, mummy, run for your life! Save us! Ga ga."

Seriously. Cute. Cute. Cute. Pinch her cheeks cute.

Kevin Fedeline on ELLEN. Ellen presented him with a mini motorcyle and a pink jacket for the new baby that reads LIL FED. Is Ellen nuts? Doesn't she realize they will actually stick the newborn on this bike and forget that they left it on the road? 

 Beyonce and her wicked curves.


Clive Owen looks charming in a velvet jacket at a movie premiere.


Debra Messing and her poodle.


Alanis and boyfriend Ryan Reynolds out for a ride.


Pamela showing off the big rock she got from the big Rock


Britney Spears at the TACO BELL drive thru. Nothing but, the best for her fetus!


Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey don't play doctor in real life. Only on Grey's Anatomy.


If you look really really close....Jessica Simpson is giving us a view on The View. No wonder Rosie is all perked up!


Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy out and about.


Lindsay and boyfriend Harry Morton arriving at a movie premiere.


Mischa Barton  is all legs.

Nelly Furtado does her best "I just sucked on a lemon" impression. Has she been practising with Renee Zellweger?


Nicole Richie and her grocery bag. What could it have in it? A few kernels of corn, a melted popsicle and a cucumber? Seriously.

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